The perfect candles...featuring your perfect logo.

You choose your favorite fragrance...and small, medium or large...and you have the most awesome corporate gift, ever.  Imagine your illuminated logo, glowing in a client's home or office year-round.  These are perfect for large events, like weddings, baby showers and bat mitzvahs too. With ten candles, you will scent a large event space.

Please allow 3 weeks for delivery.

set of 10 custom candles

Gift Wrapping
  • You have a few choices to make here. First, the fragrance.  Then, decide whether you would like them small (the size of a "regular" candle...about 10 ounces), medium (a two-wick candle that is mighty hefty) or large (this is a showstopper in a large glossy container, made of 5 wicks and should last several months).  All sizes include custom covers that are designed to coordinate with your event or business, like a shoe for a boutique...a blow dryer for a salon...or a scales of justice for a law firm. It's your call! 


    Click the selections below to see what the sizes look like. Then, email us your logo and we will get to work.


handmade in Miami, Florida

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