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every candle is handmade



no phthalates

As TV news reporters say, here's the backstory...

After 20 years as a TV news reporter specializing in hidden camera investigations, 6-time Emmy winner, entrepreneur, and mom Laurie Stein began Perfect Day Candles in her home studio in Miami. The idea was sparked shortly after receiving a huge fancy candle for her 40th birthday, when she wondered how she could reuse the beautiful container when the candle was finished. 


She started to research soy and coconut waxes vs. paraffin wax, cotton-core vs zinc vs wooden wicks, candle burn times, essential oils, fragrance oils, glass and metal containers, sustainable practices, and pouring temperatures. 

Today, all that intel helps her create each and every Perfect Day candle. While the team has since expanded, every single candle is still made by Laurie, in a truly artisan process. The natural soy and coconut waxes are from US farms, the wooden wicks from sustainable forests, the fragrances are sourced from Grasse, France and she searches all over the world for beautiful candle vessels.

We hope your candle becomes the perfect accent, to your day.

With love,

The Perfect Day Team

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