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Every candle is made by hand in Miami, Florida. We use natural essential oils and perfume from Grasse, France along with natural coconut, soy and apricot wax from California to create a heavily-scented and beautiful candle.  Wicks are metal-free cotton braided, imported from Australia.

High Summer Motifs.jpg

spa day

a relaxing and reinvigorating experience of eucalyptus and mint, with a touch of lavender

SL colorways1 copy.jpeg

sunset cruise

an elegant cocktail hour with garnishes of oranges and peaches, and a dab of honey

EDEN PATTERN #01D smaller.jpg

sunday brunch

a leisurely afternoon surrounded by bouquets of freshly-cut red roses

ROYAL PALM #03 even smaller.jpg

girls night

a leathery hotel lobby where sweet rose blends with heady musk, and just a hint of clove


beach babe

a sweet summer day filled with tropical mangos, fresh grapefruit and a hint of coconut


road trip

an adventurous journey through a woodsy forest filled with pine fir and cedarwood

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