Beach Babe

Beach Babe


Beach Babe is a tropical day at the beach. Think suntan oil. A pina colada. Maybe a Mango tree neaby. Beach Babe is our most popular fragrance, with beach babes and homebodies alike.


Jetset min tin: 7 ounces

Jetset max tin: 11 ounces

Apothecary glass dome jar: 12 ounces


Add a charm: All of our ladies who lunch candles have the option of adding a personal charm to the wax. As your candle burns, your special charm is revealed. (We also include a vegan leather cord necklace, in case you want to wear that charm proudly!) A great gift for a bestie...surprise!

  • Perfect Day Candles

    All Perfect Day candles are made by hand, in small batches from a proprietary blend of natural soy, coconut and hemp waxes. Our wooden wicks are wavy and created from sustainable forests in Australia. They are designed to give a clean, even burn-and look really fun too!