Luxury Size "Gratitude" Candle

Luxury Size "Gratitude" Candle


In our minds, we know we have much to be grateful for right now. However, after a breakup, something other than gratitude may sit in our hearts, so we suggest taking inventory, one wonderful thing at a time. Let's start with finally having the bed all to yourself?


An attitude of gratitude attracts more circumstances, events, and (dare we say it) people for which to be grateful. For our Gratitude candle, we've collected scents from the English forests of Kent including blackberries and currants. We've blended these scents with aromatics from the mountains of southeastern Asia, creating a cornucopia of fragrance that inspires well-being. Whether you buy this candle for yourself or a friend, we are grateful for you!  


Vibe: Tropical and Sweet

Notes: Key Lime, Meyer Lemon, Blood Orange


This huge 80 ounce 5-wick candle arrives in a protective dust bag with a beautiful matte black candle trimmer and snuffer.

  • Who doesn't love a surprise?

    We have created "NFC" codes within every candle. If you aren't familiar with what that is, no worries! All you have to do is hold your phone (Android or Iphone 11 or newer) to the front of the candle...and watch the magic happen!  You will be taken to a land of information and education, courtesy of Perfect Day Candles and It's Over Easy. We're not going to divulge too much here-but it might be a video with loads of wisdom about getting through a divorce, a chance to have your divorce question answered on a podcast or (surprise!) even a free Perfect Day Candle.There's a little something extra, waiting just for you, with each Next Chapter Collection purchase.