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Luxury Size "Smells Like A Millennial Prenup" Candle

Luxury Size "Smells Like A Millennial Prenup" Candle


Strong, confident and ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime! But also smart, and ready to handle adversity if it happens. A millenial prenup wraps all these things into a nice, neat package. This candle is the same-we've blended earthy wood with a little floral and a tiny touch of vanilla for the ultimate "I sure am proud of us!" candle.


Vibe: Woodsy and Floral

Notes: Ripe Plum, Leather, Vanilla


This huge 80 ounce 5-wick candle arrives in a protective dust bag with a beautiful matte black candle trimmer and snuffer.

  • Who doesn't love a surprise?

    We've  created a special extra, just for you! It's called an "NFC" chip, and there is one hidden in every candle container. If you aren't familiar with what that is, no worries! Just lift your unlit candle and place your mobile phone beneath it, for just a few seconds. Ta-da! You'll discover all sort of cools things, like special tips from Laura or even a free candle. Check it out!

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